Celebrity Selena Gomez Shares Exclusive Comfort Is Key Style Tips To Fans

Celebrity Selena Gomez's style has definitely evolved since her early days on Disney Channel. As a singer, she has been seen in leg baring, body hugging, cleavage showing costumes for her showgirl themed tour.

On the red carpet with beau, Justin Bieber, the starlet has been in glamour gowns and trinkets. But on the other hand, Gomez is also known for her girl next door, t-shirt and jeans style. According to Sugarscape, despite Gomez's dazzling lifestyle, she is very down to earth and simple in style choices. And yet, she is still a young woman who loves to shop.

As long as I feel pretty and I feel confident in what I'm doing, then that's all that matters to me. I think I got lucky because that's what my mum taught me and that's what I grew up thinking, she continued.

Gomez's last glam walk on the red carpet was for the American Music Awards with Bieber. She wore a silver, satin, 1920's inspired dress. She was very radiant in her classic and dazzling look.

As for very stores, Selena is also flexible. I don't like to pick specific stores, she says. I'm more about shopping at random places. I just go to places that look nice and I pick out things that I'm comfortable wearing.