Review: Microsoft Zune HD Gets Some 64GB Lovin

Corporation Microsoft let it leak on Monday that a Zune HD 64GB version is on the way. There’s still no pricing at this time, but what we do know is that Dell dropped the price of the 32GB version to $199 which may leave a bit of play for the 64GB version to come in around that capacities original pricing.

Rumors had been pointing to a 64GB model for quite a while now, however that release was held back for unknown reasons, which Electronista believes may have been related to cost and pricing factors.

Microsoft admittedly is a little late to the game with the Apple iPod 64GB version arriving almost one year ago, although that option was rather pricey and iPod’s still do not offer the 720p video playback featured on the Zune HD.

Despite claims, the Zune has never really played off Apple devices to grab their market share, they offer their very own distinct interfaces, features, applications, etc. So regardless of their lateness to the game, Microsoft should be able to move quite a few units.