Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Fashionable Finds and Clothing

Shark Week 2015 officially kicks off on July 5, and we can’t wait to dive right in, fashionable look. From jewelry to clothing and even tech accessories, this year there’s more ways than ever before to get into the Shark Week spirit.

Sure, sharks may be swimming predators, but the animals also serve up major style inspiration, you can easily find a fashionable look that fits in with your wardrobe. A dainty bracelet, necklace or even earrings is probably the easiest way to try the trend if you’re planning on treading lightl, but you can rock your fashionable find all year long.

Summer is always a great time to experiment with bold accessories. I also love the idea of throwing on a fun crop top or sweatshirt. Take it a step further and turn it into a main event with a Shark Week-themed bash. From red velvet cupcakes to chips placed in dip to look like fins, there’s so many cute, creative ways to infuse a little shark-spiration into any summer get together.